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Benefits of artificial grass | Advantages of artificial grass

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Benefits of artificial grass

The demand for artificial grass has exploded over the last few years, we believe this is because people are realising the great benefits which are associated with artificial grass, some of these include:

Low maintenance gardening

Artificial grass obviously requires no watering, no feeding, no weeding and certainly no mowing. The only maintenance that is required is an occasional good brush or hoover (yes some people do that) to remove surface residue and fluff up the grasses pile.

Great for high usage areas

We've all seen newly created walk paths near new buildings and not long after you will see people who don't want to use the walk path instead cutting across the grass. This erodes the grass away and leaves an unsightly looking mud walk way. Artificial grass is ideal for these situations and any high usage areas such as festivals or city centre parks.

Ideal for pets

Your animals will react exactly the same to artificial grass as they did with natural grass. Please read our pets page for more information

Visually impeccable

Artificial grass has been manufactured to such a high standard that it is now virtually impossible to tell the difference between natural grass and artificial grass; this includes everything for grass movement in the wind, the natural thatch, these is even speculation that shortly we will be able to offer a artificial lawn that smells like real grass.

Hay fever sufferer?

If you suffer i badly from grass pollination it can be a horrible situation where you can not access your garden throughout the entire suffer, because artificial grass does not pollinate you will be able to significantly reduce the amount of pollen you are subjected to.